• Anatomy Lite

    Anatomy Lite

    This application is a reference for anyone who studies in General Anatomy. It not only contains lots of anatomy drawings but also allows the users to add their own drawing into the reference. When the finger touches a label on the drawing, a transparent windows contains the name of the part will appear. However you can not edit the name or add description with this application. If you would like to edit name, or add and edit description on the drawings, please use Anatomy Atlas in App Store.

    News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

    This application provides a good reference for people who want to know more about Human Anatomy or study in General Human Anatomy.

    There are 50+ drawings in this applications. In each category, you will have to double click on the image for navigation to next image.

    It comes with a list of drawing in topic of:

    Endorcine and Digestive System
    Eye, Ear, Skin
    Urinary and Reproductive System
    Respiratory and Lymphatic System
    Vertebral System
    Brain and Nervous System
    Muscular System
    Circulatory System and Arteries
    Skeletal System and Bones

    User Guide

    How to edit the information on the image?

    Step 1: Launch Anatomy Lite App Anatomy

    Step 2: Select Respiratory and Lymphatic System (Example) Anatomy

    Step 3: Tap "Pencil" on the image for "Edit Mode" Anatomy

    Step 4: Add or Edit the information on the image Anatomy

    How to show the information the image?

    Just tap the finger on the number or the point where the number points to, an popup menu will show the information Anatomy