• Effects Studio

    Effects Studio

    This application allows you to create special effects for the photo. It create a photo for you with many special color effects on the photo. You can also grab image from the web. You are going to have lots of fun by applying effects on your own photo or the photo you get from the web.

    News: This app supports Native iPad App with full width and height.

    Features Highlight:
    - Many Color tools includes color balance, hue and saturation, colorize, brightness/contracts, etc... 
    - Many filters are included for the photo
    - Draw on the photo with drawing toolbox
    - Add frame or text description on the photo 
    - Grab image from the web 
    - Apply gray color effects 
    - Apply color splash effects 
    - and many more.. 


    First open the photo, then zoom in and out so it position the photo correctly, then click Crop Image Icon. After that, the crop image icon is disabled. It will be active when you start to work on a new photo.

    Apply the following effects for photo:
    Color enhancement
    Fractal Trace
    Tile Seamless
    Edge Filter 
    Whirl and Pinch
    Hue and Saturation
    Color Balance

    User Guide

    How to start?

    First, you will need to load an image from Album (tap on the first icon). After you load the image, you can zoom in or out or position the image for cropping. You can only crop the image only once after loading the image. Tap the third button to crop the image. Once the image is cropped, the crop image button is disable. If you load a new image, the crop image will be enabled again.

    How to use Extra Tools Menu?

    Extra Tools menu is the first icon after the crop image button. It contains the following items:

    Create Gray Image: create an image with white and black
    Color Splash Effects: Create partial color white black effects
    Add Text: Add text on the image
    Add Photo Frame: Add frame for the photo
    Grab an image: Grab an image from the web
    Drawing: show the drawing tool

    How to use Color Effects Menu?

    Color effects menu is the second icon after the crop image button. It contains the following items:

    Color Balance: Change color balance
    Hue Saturation: Change Hue and Saturation
    Colorize: Colorize the image
    Brightness and Contrast: Change brightness and Contrast of the image
    Threshold: Change threshold of the image
    Posterize: Posterize the image
    Levels: Change the color level of the image
    Curves: Change the curves of the image

    How to use Special Effects Menu?

    Color effects menu is the last icon on the top bar It contains the following items:

    Illusion: apply illusion effects
    Color Enhance: Enhance the color for the photo
    Fractal Trace: Apply Fractal Trace
    Tile Seamless: Apply Tile Seamless
    Edge Filter: Apply Edge Filter
    Ripple: Apply Ripple Effects
    Wave: Apply Wave Effects
    Invert: Apply Invert Effects
    Emboss: Emboss the image
    Cartoon: Cartoonize the image
    Whirl and Pinch: apply Whirl and Pinch Effects
    Soft Glow: Apply Soft Glow

    What are those effects I can use for my photo?

    Special Effects


    Color Enhance

    Tile Seamless

    Edge Filter

    Soft Glow




    Whirl and Pinch

    Color Effects

    Original Image

    Adjust Color Balance

    Adjust Hue,Lightness,Saturation

    Colorize the image

    Adjust Brightness and Contrast

    Apply Threshold


    Adjust Color Curves