• Notebook for iPad

    Notebook for iPad

    A notebook with voice recording and picture editing. Start writing your classroom notes with text, voice, photo, drawing today!

    Feature Highlight
        ✓  Use finger to turn page next or previous
        ✓  A real notebook for classroom
        ✓  the ability to create multiple notebooks for different classes. 
        ✓  Record voice memo while writing your notes
        ✓  Add picture or your own drawing to the notes 
        ✓  Change notebook paper style and text font
        ✓  Create PDF book for your notes

    It is the replacement for any paper notebook. This notebook has much more other feature such as records voice memo on each page and associates many pictures with the page. It also allows the user to change the notebook paper styles. Moreover, you can generate a pdf version for all your notes and send to your email.

    It is very intuitive and simple to use. With this notebook, not only you can write your idea in text, you can also draw your idea as pictures or record your voice. It is memorable. It also allows you to create lots of fun pictures and apply lots of effects on the picture as well.

    If you would like to have lots of paper styles, please check out "Diary Book".

    It is designed for iPad. It will be actively developed and maintained. Please send us feedback if you are asking for more features.

    User Guide

    How to turn Pages using finger?

    If you know how to turn paper book, you know how to turn pages in this application. If you are already the last page, you can not turn to next page. To turn to next page, you just need swipe your finger from right to left or double tap the right corner. To turn to previous page, swipe your finger from left to right or double tap the left corner. To jump to the first page, move finger from top to down at left side. To jump to the last page, move finger from top to down at right side.

    How to create new notebook?

    Tap on the first icon on the top, enter the course name, tap the Green + button. 100 notebook page will be created and bookmarked. You can jump to that notebook by tap the arrow key on this popup.

    How to record voice memo while taking note?

    Tap on the record button (second icon on the top) to start recording. To end the recording, tap the stop button. If you want to record later, please make sure you tap the "Pause" instead of "Stop" button. Each page comes with a unique voice memo. You can not have multiple voice memo file associated with one page.

    How to delete the voice memo?

    Tap on the fourth button.

    How to add an image to the page?

    You can add unlimited amount of image for each page. To add an image, tap the "camera" icon. If you just want to add a photo, you just need to use the first two icons. The first icon is to open a image file from Album, and then you use two finger to zoom/position the photo, tap on the second button to crop. At the end, you press the "Green" + button to add that photo to the page.

    Step 1: Select an image (first button) and crop (second button)

    Step 2: To show that image, just tap on the icon at the bottom.

    How to use the photo editing tools? What does those buttons mean?

    Button 1: Open File
    Button 2: Crop the image (use two finger to position or zoom in/out image first)
    Button 3: Change color of the image such as color balance, hue, brightness, etc
    Button 4: Undo
    Button 5: Save
    Button 6: Add Text on the image (after add, you can position/rotate the text) 
    Button 7: Show drawing tools menu
    Button 8: Add Background Frame for the picture or drawing
    Button 9: Add some stamps for drawing 
    Button 10: Clean up everything

    How to change the notebook style?

    Tap the Tool icon in the middle, Select the style you like and press the "Check Mark" button to change the notebook style. Certainly you can change the font, font size, font color as well. If you select the black notebook, make sure you change the font color to be white, otherwise, you will not see anything while you typing.

    How to send PDF notebook?

    Tap the Tool icon in the middle, Tap on the envelop button to send the notebook as PDF.