• Graphing Calculator 3D

    Graphing Calculator 3D

    It is the scientific graphing calculator which can plot 2D and 3D graph. It is similar to Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-84. It has more features such as plotting 3D graph for mathematics functions.

    News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

       ✓ plot 2D and 3D graph 
       ✓ plot multiple functions on one graph
       ✓ any plot function will be saved and can be edited and plotted later.
       ✓ send email with the graph after you done.
       ✓ easily zoom in and out on the graph
       ✓ can operate on very large number mathematics.
       ✓ convert number to any base
       ✓ compute permutation, combination   - compute greatest common denominator
       ✓ compute least common multiple of a set of rational numbers
       ✓ compute factorial and fibonacci number.
       ✓ provide many trigonometric functions
       ✓ calculate the norm of value
       ✓ provide matrix addition, multiplication
       ✓ compute matrix determinant, inverse matrix.
       ✓ stream line interface so you can easily change the input with finger.
       ✓ copy/paste your result to any other application
       ✓ provide many other scientific functions
       ✓ build-in Help manual for user.

    After you use this graphing calculator, you will never want to use any other graphing calculator. It is very simple and easy to use.

    Functions in scientific graphing calculator:
       ➺ it can plot f(x), f(x,y)
       ➺ The following math functions you can use to plot 2D and 3D Graph:        
                ✓  abs, norm, rand, acos, 
                ✓  sin, cos, tan, asin, atan, 
                ✓  sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, exp, sqrt, 
                ✓  any linear, quadratic or  x to n, exponential functions. 
       ➺ The following math functions you can use for calculation:
            ✓ max, min, avg, gcd, root, cot, coth
            ✓ asinh, acosh, atanh, base, perm, comb,
            ✓ ceil, floor, round, lcm, fib
       ➺ The following function use to compute matrix              
                 ✓ determinant:  det(x)
                 ✓ inverse matrix:   inverse(x)

    User Guide

    To try out some graphing capabilities, please click "hist" button (orange button), select a function, click "Plot" button. You will see those sample graphs. We have test it on iPad, iPhone. It works. If you don't see the graph, most likely you enter the wrong formula!! Please be awared!

    To start calculate, simply enter:

    Click button "ans". The result will be return to you.
    To Plot a linear function, simply enter:

    Click "Plot" button. You do not need enter "y=" in the front. It is wrong if you enter: y=13*x+6 because it assumed it is a function of x or y or both. It is also wrong if you enter 13(x)+6. For example, if you want to plot f(x,y)=3*x+4*y, you only need input the second part. Note that you need math operator for any math formula.

    To access "Help" document. Click button "Hist" and click "Help.
    It is highly recommended that you read the "Quick Start Guide" in build-in Help document before use this application.

    How to define a variable and use for calculation later?

    Just asign a variable with value:
    Tap "ans" button to get the answers: 314, 628, 942

    How to add more than one function?

    Just tap "Edit", then "Add more function" on the function page, After you enter the function such as 2*sin(x), Tap "Use" button. Certainly, you can change the X, Y range to get what you want. Z range is only used when you set the graphing type to 3D.

    How to draw 3D graphics?

    First you will need to change the graphing type to be 3D instead of 2D on the function page. then click "Plot" button, a 3D graph will be shown such as: