• Color Splash Effects

    Color Splash Effects

    Color Splash Effects can never be easier using this application.

    News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

        - Search the image from the web using Google image search 
        - Grab the image
        - Create Color Splash Effects 
        - Save the color splash effects photo to Photo Album. 

    One of the more popular photo effects you may have seen is where a photo is converted to black and white, except for one object in the photo which is made to stand out by keeping it in color.

    The easiest ways to achieve this effect is using this application. You can easily create this effect using your finger. Now you can open the image from your photo album and start to create color splash effects. Or simply grab many image directly from the web using the image search tool and start to create color splash effects and have fun.

    Tools Provided:  
           - Using green button to start editing 
           - Using finger to Zoom in/out 
           - Undo function provided 
           - Change Brush size
           - Simple and easy to use
           - Grab image from the web 

    Keywords: Color Splash, Splash photo special effect, Black and White Partial Color Effect

    For more effects, please check out "Effects Studio" in the App store.

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