• Photo Sticker

    Photo Sticker

    It's similar to a Photo Sticker machine you see in local stores: Purikura, Icue. We have over 300+ cute sticker for you to create your cute pocket photo.

    News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

    - Add frames on your photo 
    - Add stickers on the photo
    - Add your drawing on the photo 
    - Undo function is provided 
    - Add Text on the image
    - Position your stickers anywhere you like.  
    - Easy and simple to use. 


    First open the photo, then zoom in and out so it position the photo correctly, then click Crop Image Icon. After that, the crop image icon is disabled. It will be active when you start to work on a new photo.

    Great Fun for my friends in: middle school high school college Student + dorm life University Working class people

    Keyword: Photo Picture Sticker, Purikura

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