• Color Booth Studio

    Color Booth Studio

    This application allows you to create pocket photo with many special photo effects, stickers and photo frames.

    News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

    It allows the user to adjust color balance, change hue and saturation, colorize the image, adjust brightness and contrast, change the threshold, posterize the photo, change color levels and adjust color curves. You can also change the photo frame and add stickers on the photo.

    All stickers are different from any photo sticker applications. In addition, one of the most popular photo effects you may have seen is where a photo is converted to black and white, except for one object in the photo which is made to stand out by keeping it in color. With this effects, it can make you pocket photo more interesting.

    To make your life more interesting, you can also grab images from the web directly to this application.

    You can also draw anything with your finger. It also allows you to change brush color and size.

           - Lots of  color tools to create special color effects 
           - Add frame on the Photo 
           - Add text on the Photo  
           - Add your own drawing on the photo
           - Draw anything with your finger
           - Grab image from web
           - Undo Function provided
           - Use green button to start editing. 

    User Guide

    How to apply Color Splash Effects to a photo? - Change image to gray image - Use Color Splash Effects Tool to highlight the object you want to stand out.

    How to start? First open the photo, then zoom in and out so it position the photo correctly, then click Crop Image Icon. After that, the crop image icon is disabled. It will be active when you start to work on a new photo.

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